Is there an easier way to wall mount your TV?

A combination of stylish looks and practicality have made wall mounted TVs more popular than ever. We’ve already listed our top 5 reasons to wall mount your TV in a previous post (you can see that here). But, what if it’s not that simple?

We’ve been around long enough to know there are many reasons you might ‘love the look’, but still choose not to put your TV on the wall. Perhaps you live in rented accommodation and don’t want to make a permanent addition to the Living Room wall? Maybe your walls aren’t suitable for holding a TV? Or… well, we’re not all a dab hand with a drill, are we?

So, what’s the solution?

Our AVF Against the Wall Standing TV Mount might be exactly what you need.

Capable of holding screens up to 80 inches, the TV Mount is fixed at the top of a sturdy column with a heavy, anti-tip metal base. This leans against the wall and can be further secured with a single screw (similar to a bookcase or other piece of tall furniture).

It’s incredibly easy to set up, is much quicker than a traditional wall mount and offers the benefit of hidden cables out of the box. You could stand it against the wall on its own, or position it behind a piece of furniture, freeing up the top surface for whatever else you’d like to use it for.

Plus, unlike wall mounting, the AVF Standing TV Mount is non-permanent, making it the ideal solution for rental properties and super convenient if you’re the type of person (like us) who wants to rearrange your room every now and then.

Three screen height settings, TV levelling and adjustable tilt combine to make this a great alternative to wall mounting. Enabling you to get that stylish look you want, a whole lot easier than you expected.

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