AVF’s Top 5 Reasons to Wall Mount Your TV

Televisions have evolved dramatically over the last forty years or so. The current crop of Super-Flat, Ultra HD screens would have been unimaginable to the engineers who developed the world’s first TV Wall Mounts at AVF in the late 1970’s.

Since then, we have constantly innovated and adapted our products to meet the needs of each new generation of TVs. Today we offer wall mounts for screens up to a whopping 100 inches in size and with models getting lighter and thinner each year, it’s now easier than ever to mount your TV!

So, is wall mounting for you?

Here are our top 5 reasons to wall mount your TV.

1,  Stylish Looks

Above all else, wall mounted TVs look great. Large or small, there’s no better way to show the full potential of your new slim TV…
…and if that’s not reason enough, we have four more.

2, Adjustability

A Wall Mount can add new functions to your screen. For example, you can tilt to avoid reflections and glare from windows and lighting or use a Multi Position arm to provide multiple viewing angles, and the ability to mount in a corner.

3, Space Efficiency

It’s a fact, wall mounted TVs use less space, so you can fit them almost anywhere. Making them the most convenient option in smaller rooms and perfect for freeing up surface tops and valuable floor space in medium to large rooms.

4, TV Safety

Securing your TV to the wall is the best way of making it child and pet safe. Giving you peace-of-mind the screen is out of reach of small hands, with no danger of it being toppled over.

5, TV Security

And finally, TV security may not be top of our list, but in the event of a burglary or natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood, you might be very thankful you chose to safely fix your expensive screen to the wall.

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