• 6.5kg / 14lb max


AK67W-A: Sonos Five Tilt & Turn Wall Mount (White)

  • Compatible with SONOS Play 5 and Play 1.
  • SONOS Play 5 can be mounted in Landscape or Portrait orientation.
  • SONOS Play 5 can be mounted in Landscape or Portrait orientation.
  • Also fits generic speakers with screw thread fixing or key hole slot.
  • Tilts up, up to 15 degrees and down up to 15 degrees.
  • Turns Left up to 35 degrees and right up to 35 degrees.
  • Adjust and lock into place with cross head tightening screws.
  • Includes rubber speaker protectors.
  • Fixings included for Wood Stud & Solid Walls.
  • Securely holds speakers up to 14.3lb (6.5kg).

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  1. Product Details

    The AK67W-A speaker wall mount is easy to install and offers maximum flexibility, the easy no tools tilt and turn adjustment means you can simply secure the mount in the location you desire and adjust the speaker’s angle to create the perfect sound dynamic.

    Designed to hold the SONOS Play 5 vertically or horizontally, but also compatible with Play 1 and all generic speakers with a screw thread fixing or a key hole slot, weighing up to 14.3lb (6.5kg).

    Also available in Black.

  2. Specifications



    Max Screen Weight

    6.5kg / 14lb

    Mount Function

    Tilt & Turn

    Screen Tilt (Upward)


    Screen Tilt (Downward)


    Screen Turn


    Min Distance from Wall

    2.74" / 6.95cm

    Max Distance from Wall

    2.74" / 6.95cm

    Tool-Free Adjustment