Preview in Your Home

Choosing new furniture can be difficult, and it can be hard to know if a product will match your decor just from images alone. We’ve introduced a new augmented reality (AR) experience for select AVF TV Stands and Furniture products, allowing you to “try out” the product in your own home before purchasing. It’s easy to use, works on most mobile devices and requires no app download.

So how does it work? Visit this website on your phone or tablet, and find the product you’d like to preview:

Tap the “Preview in Your Home” button…

…tap the cube to load the 3D viewer…

…then tap the “AR” icon to load the AR viewer!


  1. Most modern iPhone, iPad and Android devices support AR – see below for a list of minimum supported models. The 3D model viewer is available on all platforms, including Windows and Mac.


    • iPhone (6S and newer)
    • iPhone SE (all models)
    • iPad (5th gen and newer)
    • iPad Air (3rd gen and newer)
    • iPad mini (5th gen and newer)
    • iPad Pro (all models)


  2. If the AR button doesn’t appear, your device or software doesn’t support augmented reality. Please check that your device is supported and that your software and browser are up to date.

  3. Not all products are available to preview in AR yet. We’re constantly adding more, so please check back again in future.

  4. We have worked to ensure that colors and finishes match the real-world products as much as possible, but there may be slight differences based on lighting and other factors. To improve performance, some fixings and internal components have been removed or reduced in quality compared to the real product.

  5. We collect anonymous usage data for the purposes of statistics only, via Google Analytics cookie-less tracking. We do not track, store or process any personal information.

    The AR preview feature is powered by your device’s native AR viewer, so we can’t access your camera or microphone.