AK100W: Universal Soundbar attachment Kit, Sonos Compatible – White

  • Fits NEW SONOS Ray + SONOS Arc, Beam and most other generic Sound Bars.
  • Mount a Sound Bar above or below your TV screen, or directly to the wall .
  • Perfect for TVs on Multi Position Wall Mounts in corners or pulled away from the wall at an angle.
  • Sound Bar always faces the same direction as the screen for optimal audio experience.
  • Available in black or white, to perfectly match your Sonos Sound Bar.
  • Easy 15 minute installation, includes fixings for wood stud and solid walls. Plus, clear easy to follow instructions.
  • Creates new VESA holes to avoid awkward ‘sandwiching’ between the TV and Wall Mount.

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  1. Product Details

    The perfect solution for mounting your sound bar above or below your TV screen or even direct to the wall, the AVF Universal sound bar mounting kit fits any sound bar including the SONOS RAY, BEAM and ARC, suitable for mounting to any TV with VESA fixing points.

    The AK100 creates new VESA holes to avoid awkward ‘sandwiching’ between the TV and Wall Mount making installation nice and easy.

    Fixing your sound bar to your TV allows the sound bar to move with the screen enhancing your viewing experience.

  2. Specifications



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