5 Things to Consider When Choosing a New TV Stand

As with any furniture, your final decision when buying a new TV Stand will boil down to whether you like it or not. So design and styling are a personal choice, but what other factors should you be considering to ensure you get the perfect Stand for your needs? We sat down with our Lead TV Stand Designer, Lydia, who ran us through five key points to consider when shopping for a new TV Stand.

1) Ensuring your TV will fit

The first factor to consider is the footprint of your Television. The maximum size screen a TV Stand can hold is based on the TV’s weight and its base being centrally located. Many modern TVs have a split base or ‘feet’ at the extreme edges of the screen. If your TV falls into this category, you might need to purchase a larger stand. We advise measuring the width and depth of your TV’s base before purchasing.

If you are struggling to fit a new TV on an existing piece of furniture, a replacement TV Base could offer the solution you need.

Our very own Replacement TV Base (QB600S) is perfect for making a larger Television fit on a smaller TV Stand.



2) Location

The next consideration is where you plan to put your TV Stand. Will it be positioned flat against a wall or tucked into a corner? This will determine the shape of Stand you should purchase. If space is limited, you may want to explore a column or tripod style TV Stand.

We’ve added some recommendations for both flat and corner TV Stands at the bottom of the page.

3) Storage

When looking to purchase a new TV Stand, storage capacity should also play a part in your decision making. How many external devices do you have hooked up to your Television? Fully open shelves are best for sound bars and speakers, but closed designs offer a tidier aesthetic, with Infra-Red friendly glass enabling you to operate your equipment through closed doors.

AVF Gallery, is available in two colours >

4) Cable Management

To hide unsightly wiring, you may want to choose a stand with cable management. Situated at the back of the shelving this will allow you to channel wires through the rear and toward a plug socket, leaving the front of the unit looking neat and tidy.

Additionally, if your Stand is a distance from your sockets, you could purchase paintable cable trunking to run the wires along a wall.

AVF Cut to size Cable Trunking is available in two lengths >

5) Added Functionality

Some stands include or are compatible with a TV Mounting Column. Raising the screen offers a more comfortable viewing position, while adding functions such as tilt and turn to help avoid light glare and reflections. A securely mounted screen is also safer from accidental knocks and tips, ideal when creating a child and pet safe environment.

AVF Buckingham Combi TV Stand, is available in Oak and Walnut finishes >

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