Installation Advice


There are several key areas to consider when planning to wall mount a TV

TV Size & Weight

You should choose a TV Wall Mount that is suitable for the screen size and weight of your TV, indicated clearly on our packaging. All AVF mounts are subjected to rigorous weight testing, however you should not exceed the limit listed on product packaging and manuals.


VESA refers to four circular threaded holes on the back of most TVs. Your “VESA size” is the distance between these holes measured horizontally, then vertically, in millimetres, from hole centre to hole centre. All AVF TV Wall Mounts are VESA compliant and specify the maximum VESA standard they will fit. Many of our products also fit non-VESA standard sizes.

TV Position

The height and position of your TV is largely personal preference, but we recommend that you mount the centre of your screen at a comfortable eye level.

Wall Types

Before installation, use a stud-finder on your wall to locate wooden battens/studs and ensure there are no hidden pipes or wires where you intend to drill. Always ensure you are using suitable wall plugs and screws – most AVF wall mount products include fixings for solid walls and plasterboard/drywall with wood studs.

It is your responsibility to ensure the wall structure and fixings are capable of supporting the screen and mount. Check the strength of the installation before installing the screen and if you have any doubts please consult a qualified professional.

Mount Functions

Flat to Wall

Designed with a slim profile to enable you to position your TV close to the wall. If your aim is to achieve a discreet appearance, a Flat to Wall mount may be ideal for your room.

Flat & Tilt

Ideal for avoiding light glare and reflections on your screen from nearby windows and lights, while still providing a low profile finish option. Tilting mounts are also perfect when mounting your TV higher on the wall, allowing you to angle your screen down for a better view.

Multi Position

Our most versatile, adjustable mounts. Extend, tilt and turn your TV to a wide range of viewing angles, or push your screen back against the wall for a more discreet style. The flexibility of Multi Position mounts also make them perfect for mounting a TV directly into the corner of a room.

Installing Your TV Wall Mount

Installing a TV Wall Mount is as easy as putting up a shelf. Easy to follow installation instructions are included with each product. Many AVF mounts come pre-assembled so installation is as simple as 1-2-3:

Step 1

Attach the TV plate to your TV. Always start with the TV. If there is a compatibility issue at this point, you have not drilled the wall.

Step 2

Simply screw the wall plate to the wall. (Please ensure you take the correct safety precautions when using power tools)

Step 3

Hang the TV by securely hooking the TV and wall plates together.

Need more advice?

Our friendly support team is happy to help if you have any further questions about any of our products or wall mounting your TV.

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