Wall Mounting Advice

TV Size and Compatibility

The size of mount to choose is dependant on the screen size of your TV. Another important consideration is the weight of your TV. AVF mounts are subjected to rigorous weight testing however you should not exceed the weight limit indicated on products.

UL Testing

Rigorous internal quality procedures at our design and manufacture stages are also supplemented by independent third party testing, leading to quality and safety accreditations. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organisation. Products satisfactorily tested are classed as ‘UL listed’. AVF products are UL listed after being tested to hold four times the weight recommended for each product.

Multi Position

Multi-Position mounts are ideal for positioning your TV in a corner or where you would like a wide range of viewing angles. They are the most flexible mounts available and allow you to fold out your TV on one or more arms and multiple pivot points to give a maximum range of viewing angles. Multi-Position mounts also usually have tilting capabilities and can be neatly folded back against the wall.


The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has defined a family of standards for mounting flat panel monitors and TVs. Each VESA standard relates to the distance in millimetres between screw holes on the back of VESA compliant monitors and TVs. All AVF flat panel mounts are VESA compliant and specify the maximum VESA standard they will fit. Many of our products also fit Non-VESA compliant monitors and TVs.

TV Position

The distance between you and your TV and the height you place your TV is usually based on personal preference. If you sit too close lower quality signals may appear pixelated, and if you sit too far away you may not see the high quality detail in HD or DVD signals. Where you intend to place your TV will also have a direct influence on the type of wall mount best suited to your needs.

Flat & Tilt

If your aim is to achieve a discreet appearance, a flat to wall mount may be ideal for your room. Flat to wall mounts are designed with a slim profile to enable you to position your TV flush to the wall. Wall mounts with a tilt function enable you to place your TV in a higher position as they provide the opportunity to tilt your screen downwards for optimal viewing. Tilting capabilities can also help remedy situations where light is glaring off your screen.