• 32 - 100" screens
  • 68kg / 150lb max


XQL665: AVF Multi position TV Mount

  • Folds flat, extends out, tilts and turns.
  • Avoid screen glare and improve viewing angle.
  • Easy ongoing cable access.
  • Perfect for corners.
  • Includes single wall stud option.
  • UL Certified + 10 year warranty.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Pre-installed VESA Adapters.
  • Easy to hook on and secure.
  • Includes fixings for solid and wood stud walls.

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  1. Product Details

    The XQL665 allows you to enjoy a perfect view from any angle; it folds flat, extends out, tilts and turns making it great for open plan spaces or mounting in a corner.

    Extending out from a super low profile 6.2cm / 2.4inches to an amazing 67.8cm / 26.7 inches from the wall, the XQL665 offers 13 degrees of downward tilt and 5 degrees of upward tilt, as well as 180 degrees of rotation all at the touch of a finger without the need for any tools, meaning you can easily adjust your screen position to view from any angle.

    Supplied with both double stud and single stud wall plates out of the box, you now can choose the best solution for you, the double stud plate mounts to wood stud or solid walls and allows you to use the Easy Lateral Shift feature for precise on-wall screen positioning ? this is ideal for large TVs, in living rooms and open plan spaces or use the smaller single stud wall plate which is suitable for wood stud walls and offers a smaller more discreet on wall footprint, best for smaller TVs, in bedrooms and kitchens.

    The AVF XQL665 is independently tested and certified, and includes a 10-year warranty so you can mount with confidence.

    Our easiest ever Multi Position TV Wall Mount with consumer-friendly, intuitive features such as:

    Pre-installed VESA TV interface:
    With the TV adapters pre-installed on the front plate out of the box, simply loosen, adjust to your TV and fix in place.

    Easy to hook on and secure:
    Simple, no-fuss TV hanging, precise TV positioning: simply hook on, then slide along the double stud wall plate to your desired position and lock in place

    Precise TV positioning:
    Simply hook on, then slide along the double stud wall plate to your desired position and lock in place.

    On-wall screen levelling:
    Tweak your screen without removing your TV from the wall.

    Easy ongoing cable access:
    Extend out for easy ongoing access to the back of your TV – ideal for upgrading equipment or for temporary use devices such as streaming sticks, USB drives or plug & play game consoles.

  2. Specifications



    Screen Size

    32 – 100" / 81 – 254cm

    Max TV Weight

    68kg / 150lb


    Multi Position

    Upward Tilt

    Downward Tilt




    Min Distance

    2.44" / 6.2cm

    Max Distance

    26.69" / 67.8cm

    Cable Management


    Soundbar Friendly


    Post install Leveling


    Patented Tilt


    Tools Free Adjustment