• 37 - 70" screens
  • 35kg / 77lb max

SKU: MB9615

MB9615: Multibrackets Motorized Pull Down Full Motion Flexarm

  • Motorized pull down and turn, its Ultraflexible.
  • Place your TV over the fireplace or elsewhere on the wall regardless height.
  • Create a comfortable level for your TV viewing.
  • Complete hardware kit included.

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  1. Product Details

    Do you want to position your TV high or low depending on situation and always get a comfortable eye-level view. This motorized assisted mount lets you effortlessly pull the display forward and down to a comfortable viewing position, where you can turn it left or right for any angle. When not used the display can be moved up the mount returns the display to its its original position flat above.

    Visit products.multibrackets.com/en/avf for more details on the full AVF Multibrackets range.

  2. Specifications



    Screen Size

    37 – 70" / 94 – 178cm

    Max TV Weight

    35kg / 77lb