• QB13R 13" Screen
  • QB13R-T 13" Screen

MB8519 – Multibrackets Pro Series Monitor Enclosure for Samsung 13″ QB13R & QB13R-T

Keep your Samsung QB13R or QB13R-T easy accessible and well protected, perfect in public or industrial indoor environments.

• For Samsung 13″ QB13R & QB13R-T screens

• Encloses a small screen in a steel cage to protect from theft

• Open, ventilated design allows for screen temperature management

• 75 and 100mm VESA fixing holes for mounting to TV Wall Mounts

• Locks with security screws

• Solid steel construction

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  1. Product Details

    Designed to accommodate QB13R or QB13R-T the M Pro Series Enclosure QB13R & QB13R-T carefully safeguards your display permitting placement in public environments.

    This new design provides all the protective benefits of a standard enclosure, but with improved temperature management.

    Key components have been remodelled to increase airflow efficiency, and a rescaled size gives the enclosure a streamlined and slimmer appearance.

    This slim solution is compatible with Samsung 13″ QB13R & QB13R-T models, and features a VESA mouting on the rear to enable attachment also to a flexarm or other wall mount solution.

  2. Specifications

    Compatible with

    Samsung 13" QB13R & QB13R-T screens

    Max Load

    10 kg


    39.2 x 26.2 x 5cm

    Product Weight

    2 kg