• 12 - 75" screens
  • 50kg / 110lb max

SKU: MB6478

MB6478: Multibrackets QLED Mount Series 7/8/9 – KIT LARGE

  • Designed to perfectly fit new ultra thing QLED Samsung TVs.
  • High quality metal to match high end TV.
  • Suitable for selected TVs up to 75″.
  • 50kg maximum capacity.

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  1. Product Details

    The QLED wallmount 7/8/9 is designed to perfectly match Series 7, 8, 9. Using only the best quality metal to match the high end TVs it supports it offers a thin profile whilst being strong enough to support up to 50kg.

    Visit products.multibrackets.com/en/avf for more details on the full AVF Multibrackets range.

  2. Specifications



    Screen Size

    up to 75" / up to 191cm

    Max TV Weight

    50kg / 110lb



    Min Distance

    0.71" / 1.8cm

    Max Distance

    3.39" / 8.6cm