• 32 - 65" screens
  • 40kg / 88lb max

SKU: MB4036

MB4036: Multibrackets Super Slim Tilt & Turn Mount

  • Tilt and turn features.
  • One person tilt adjustment.
  • Built in bubble level.
  • Installation template and tool kit included.
  • Slim 30mm profile.

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  1. Product Details

    The ideal pairing for the ever popular super slim TVS. Keep your TV flush to the wall with a 30mm profile with the flexarms nesting. Ensuring a slim profile has not compromised the functionality with 7 degrees of tilt and 40 degrees of turning to give you the best viewing angle.

    With one person adjustment possible you can keep the TV flush to the wall when not in use with no extra hassale, keeping your TV seamlessly blended into its surroundings.

    Visit products.multibrackets.com/en/avf for more details on the full AVF Multibrackets range.

  2. Specifications



    Screen Size

    32 – 65" / 81 – 165cm

    Max TV Weight

    40kg / 88lb


    Multi Position

    Downward Tilt



    Min Distance

    1.14" / 2.9cm

    Max Distance

    10.63" / 27cm