• 19 - 27" screens
  • 8.0kg / 18lb max

SKU: MB3392

MB3392 : Multibrackets Triple Mount Desk Stand

  • Gracefully adjust your monitors height and position.
  • Rotate your screens between landscape and portrait styles.
  • Improve your working environment.
  • High grade aluminum arm boats anti-scratch surface.
  • Built in cable management system.
  • VESA Compatible: 75x75mm – 100x100mm.
  • Recommended screen size: 10-27″.

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  1. Product Details

    Secure your monitors on this sturdy, aluminimum desk stand, capable of holding up to 8kg per monitor. Reposition your monitor with ease – up, down, tilting forwards or backwards – the flexibility and ease of adjustment will help you find the most comfortable position for yourselve in no time.

    Overtime sitting at a desk with monitors in the same, uncomfortable position can cause neck, back and eye problems. With this deskstand you erase that, improving productivity.

    Visit products.multibrackets.com/en/avf for more details on the full AVF Multibrackets range.

  2. Specifications



    Screen Size

    15 – 27" / 38 – 69cm

    Max TV Weight

    8.0kg / 18lb


    Multi Position