• 19 - 32" screens
  • 15kg / 33lb max

SKU: MB3282

MB3282: Multibrackets Flexarm Tilt and Rotate Mount II

  • Tilt and rotate functions for an optimal viewing experience.
  • Recommended screen size: 15-32″.
  • Included padlock for extra security.

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  1. Product Details

    Flexarm tilt and roate wall mount is a great alternative to rigid wall mounts. Capable of rotating and tilting it is ideal for home use or public environments which require flexible installations.

    This version of the Flexarm tilt and rotate wall mount has a minimum distance of 85mm from the wall and can extend to 260mm! Anti-theft security is also included with an included padlock to protect your TV.

    Visit products.multibrackets.com/en/avf for more details on the full AVF Multibrackets range.

  2. Specifications



    Screen Size

    15 – 32" / 38 – 81cm

    Max TV Weight

    15kg / 33lb


    Multi Position

    Upward Tilt


    Downward Tilt




    Min Distance

    3.35" / 8.5cm

    Max Distance

    10.24" / 26cm